July 23, 2012

The Countdown

As I've only got less than a month left until I depart for my year abroad in Korea, I've gone into preparation mode. I like to make sure I have a good amount of myself composed weeks before big events that way I have less to worry about the week of.

Thanks to the power of Google I've come across many tips, secrets, and general knowledge about studying abroad. My two favorites would have to be The Study Abroad Blog (TSAB) and GRRRL Traveler (GT). TSAB has many great tips on studying abroad including what to bring and how to pack efficiently. GT is a personal account blog by someone from Hawai'i who has been all over the world including Korea. I've been studying both diligently to better prepare myself.

Speaking of studying, I've been freaking out because I've got less than a month to get my Korean back up to conversational level. Sure I can still type but only because I have a lot of time to think and can correct any silly mistakes in an instant. I'm pretty sure I can't spend my first few months in Korea typing out everything to everyone. I know people tend to adapt quickly to the local language but I want to make sure I have my foundation back at least. That's why I've started another journal of sorts (link) to document anything new that I learn this summer. It will act as a reference point, at least until I start perfecting the grammar points.

I plan on documenting what I bring with me and share some tips I've learned about packing efficiently. I'll start preparing all of that in a week or two.



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